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Artistic Director
poppins Children's Theatre & CAST
 Vickie Culligan

As You reach for the stars don't forget the journey....

MY Child LOVEs Poppins Children's Theatre!”


Our daughter has been taking theatre classes and performing with Poppins Children's Theatre for years; her passion for theatre has grown by leaps and bounds because of the exceptional talent of  the director, Vickie Culligan. Vickie is wonderfully creative in meeting each child at their developmental level and scaffolding them as they grow in skill and interest.

​​Amy Stephens Cubbage, West Hartford

  • 5% discount for families with multiple children
  • Community outreach programs
  • College level internships

Fall 2018

Enriching Children's Lives with quality theatre experiences

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CAST  Programs for 2018 will run in Canton, CT Register now at  www.CantonRec.org